Wealth Management Professionals

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Your Practice - Your Way

We believe that what separates Raymond James from our peers is the quality of service we provide. We call it Service 1st – an approach that engenders pride, team spirit, competitive drive, inspiration, concern for clients and fellow employees, empathy for those who need our help and enthusiasm. Service 1st also means a commitment to serve with integrity. Only by providing exceptional support can we be sure to earn the continued loyalty and trust of the wealth managers who work with us.

Just as you’ve carefully built the reputation of your practice, the Raymond James family of companies has spent half a century building a reputation as a leader in private client wealth management. We achieved this distinction through an unyielding dedication to strong wealth manager support, and it’s a tradition we plan to continue for the next 50 years – and beyond.

The individuals and firms who work with us are entrepreneurial investment managers, stockbrokers and investment focused financial planners who run growth oriented practices with a strong management and compliance culture. These wealth managers service high net worth private clients with complex financial needs. They can also service mandates for institutional clients such as charities and pension funds.

The common theme is that with Raymond James, wealth managers own and operate your own commercially independent practice, controlling your destiny and with the freedom to meet your clients’ needs as you see fit.

It’s your practice… and you run it in the way you choose. Raymond James is here to support you in your endeavours.

Through Raymond James’ Independent Contracting and Professional Partner business models, we can help individuals set up a boutique wealth management/investment management practice within as little as 30 – 90 days, with the individuals authorised with the FCA through Raymond James.

For directly authorised wealth management firms, the Raymond James Wrap Platform offers all the administration tools and resources an investment management or wealth management business requires.  

Wealth managers can move between business models as their needs evolve.

Establish, grow and OPERATE your own business

At Raymond James we give wealth managers the freedom to establish, grow and operate your own businesses whilst maintaining the complete support of a recognised leader in private client wealth management. We don’t employ wealth managers; we support wealth managers who want to build your own successful businesses.

Establish, grow and RETAIN your own business

Raymond James provides wealth managers with a spectrum of solutions to help you establish, grow and retain your own successful business. Throughout your relationship with Raymond James, and even should you decide to leave, your business remains your own. We do not have restrictive covenants in our contracts. If you leave Raymond James, your clients can transfer with you.