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Our Comprehensive Offering

Raymond James Investment Services Limited (Raymond James) supports entrepreneurial investment managers and investment focused financial planners who run growth orientated practices with a strong management and compliance culture. These commercially independent wealth management professionals service high net worth private clients with complex financial needs. They also service mandates for institutional clients such as charities and pension funds.

Our full support package provides an open architecture administration platform, client reporting, research tools and technology solutions, enabling wealth managers to meet the individual needs of their clients in the most cost effective manner.

We also provide a regulatory umbrella that includes compliance, supervision, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation and professional indemnity cover.

We offer three business models, including Independent Contracting, Professional Partner and the Wrap Platform. The Independent Contracting and Professional Partner models provide the regulatory umbrella which means we can help individuals set up a boutique wealth management/ investment management practice within as little as 30-90 days, with the individuals authorised with the FCA through Raymond James. Our Wrap Platform solution is appropriate for firms that are already authorised with the FCA.

We understand that a successful wealth management professional needs to develop their business in a manner that works for them. To this end, we enable wealth managers to move between business models as their needs evolve and in all cases, the wealth managers run commercially independent practices.

At Raymond James we give wealth managers the freedom to own and operate their own businesses whilst maintaining the complete support of a recognised leader in private client wealth management.  We do not centrally manufacture and promote any proprietary investment products in the UK, ensuring there is no conflict to a wealth manager’s unbiased investment selection.  Rather, we offer wealth managers unprecedented access to a broad range of assets and tax wrappers so that they can select the investments right for their clients.

If you are a wealth management professional interested in finding out more about our 3 business models click here.